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Why Do I need an Industrial SD Card?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Why do I need an Industrial SD Card vs a normal SD Card that I could just buy at my local retail store?

On the Surface the SD Cards all look the same, but under that clean cover, this is not the case. A common SD Card is great when all you need it for is a simple file transfer or your consumer grade video camera, however this is not what you need when it comes to the Factory. When it comes to the Factory or an Industrial application, we need to be using the Industrial grade SD Cards. The reason for this is the stability, heat tolerance, and longevity ratings of these types of SD Cards.

Even though the cost is so much higher than the normal Consumer Grade SD Cards, it is still much more reliable, and when push comes to shove, no one wants to loose any of their valuable data stored on their SD Card.

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